Join the Marian University faculty for the inaugural iCREATE MUsic Summer Camp June 6-10, 2022!

  • All camps are FREE, there is NO COST to attend!
  • Meet new friends and iCREATE new music!
  • Play and learn more about jazz and how to improvise!
  • Take your voice to new heights through song from various cultures!
  • iCREATE and produce your own digital music!
  • Explore the world of drumming through hand drums, drumline, and body percussion!
  • Play, sing, and iCREATE new songs on ukulele!
  • Have fun collaborating and iCREATE music with your peers!

Fill out the registration form below so we can save you a spot, we can't wait to iCREATE music with you!

Unsure If You Can Make It?

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Dr. Kathryn D. Spangler

Chair, Dept. of Performing Arts

Assistant Professor of Music

Director of Bands

Dr. Alexandra M. Signor

Assistant Director of Bands

Assistant Professor of Music

Professor Terion Cooper

Director of Choral Activities

Professor Karen Cole

Director of Percussion

Professor Sara Petokas

Instructor of French Horn

Dr. Joshua C. Davis

Instructor of Tuba

Professor Phil Kern

Associate Professor of Music

SUMMER CAMPS June 6-10, 2022



Monday/Tuesday / June 6-7 / Grades 6-12

Big Band Rehearsal, Listening Session, Learn to Improvise, Jazz theory and Harmony, Jam Session! Performance on Day 2!


Monday/Tuesday / June 6-7 / Grades 3-5

Have fun exploring rhythm with hand drums, Orff instruments, and body percussion!

DRUMS (Battery and Front Ensemble)

Wednesday/Thursday / June 8-9 / Grades 6-12

Explore the world of HBCU and DCI Battery and Front Ensemble through the world of Drumline!


Wednesday/Thursday / June 8-9 / Grades 3-6 and Grades 7-12

Join us for a diverse journey of various cultures around the world through choral music!


Thursday/Friday / June 9-10 / Grades 6-12

Come learn to write, record, and produce your own music through the use of software like GarageBand, Ableton, Logic Pro, Sound Trap! The digital stage is waiting for you!


Thursday/Friday / June 9-10 / Grades 3-12

Playing ukulele is fun for any age! Come join us and learn to play and sing your favorite songs in only 2 days!


Each camp will run from 9am - 4:30pm on the campus of Marian University with a live performance at 4pm on day 2 of each respective camp (the performances will also be live streamed).

Lunch will be provided by the Marian University dining hall, please communicate any dietary restrictions prior to the camp.

IndyGo bus passes provided for 2 or 5 days for any student in need of transportation, be sure to select this option on the registration form. IndyGo bus routes 15 and 30 stop at Cold Spring and 30th Street at MU.


iCREATE MUsic Mission

iCREATE MUsic strives to provide access to high quality arts for all students in our community while fostering the development of social and emotional skills. Through impactful and thoughtful instruction, students will be empowered to take ownership in the learning process, strive for excellence, and explore self-expression and social awareness. Students will learn to be compassionate, empathetic, culturally responsive advocates for diversity, and find joy in making music.